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There are many unique diamond shapes that are available in the market. The Beverly Diamonds reviews page explains these different and most popular diamond shapes that are available in the market.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cut diamonds are also called square emerald cuts. These stones are step-cut and features cropped corner. This is the reason these diamonds have an octagonal appearance. When anyone looks into these diamonds, they are looking into the entirety of the diamond. This will give the stone an open and bright appearance.

Cushion Cut

This cut diamond is a combination of the traditional cut stones and the new designs. This diamond shape is said to be a hybrid form of classic Mine Cut that was very much popular before a century and the modern Oval Cut.

Radiant Cut

This cut is a fusion of the traditional Round Brilliant Cut and the Emerald Cut, hence it is a blend of round and square. This cut was introduced to give an unconventional shape to the diamond while retaining the natural properties of the parent cuts.

Princess Cut

Asscher Cut Diamonds
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These are square shaped diamonds and wearing these diamonds will make you feel like a princess. The Princess cut diamonds are very much transparent and has big open appearance, as they have a faceting structure and design. It is said that the princess cut diamonds produce the best light performance in this family of diamonds, as per the Beverly Diamonds reviews page.

Round Brilliant Cut

This is one of the most popular shapes that are seen in diamonds these days. This cut has 58 facets and it is designed to maximize the light performance and for this reason, these diamonds offer exceptional brilliance. This is the reason this diamond cut is used commonly in jewelry, like engagement rings. These details are also obtained from the Beverly Diamonds reviews page.

Marquise Cut

This is different from the other common cuts. This is basically an elongated round shape and so it resembles an eye. It is believed that if you stare hard into the stone, it will blink at you. This diamond has a distinctive shape and it is designed to cut out the natural inclusions.

These are some of the most common diamond shapes that are available these days. If you wish to know more on the diamond shapes, visit the Beverly Diamonds reviews page.

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