Can I benefit from buying moissanite?

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Shopping for jewelry can be like you are walking through a maze. It is confusing and very challenging when you are unprepared. Some may prefer going to the mall and browse, some may find it more convenient to sit at home and surf online. Either way, shopping can be a pain if research is absent.

Today, gemstones seem to have expanded in terms of selection. More and more types of rocks come and it cause great bewilderment to a shopper. Some gems are synthetic and some are natural. And because the increase in technological knowledge, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish which is real and which is not. Which is synthetic, and which is natural.

In the talks about the most renowned gemstone of all, DIAMONDS, it is safe to say that this industry has been, is currently, and will be popular because of its elegance and quality. But even diamonds are now being matched with lab-created ones, as well as this alternative called MOISSANITE.

A lot of buzz surrounds this diamond alternative, and a lot of people are asking if it is beneficial to buy a moissanite stone than a diamond.

What is a moissanite?

First let us define what a moissanite is. Moissanite is a gemstone, it made from a naturally occurring mineral called silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is very strong. In fact, in hardness scale, moissanite is second to diamond having the score of 9.25 and diamond a 10.

How can I tell which is which?

Upon ocular inspection, side by side with a diamond, a moissanite is in many ways, identical to it. Deeming it a perfect alternative to diamond in jewelry. A tool in shape of a pen can test if the gem is a diamond or a moissanite. Most jewelry store has this device and can greatly give a buyer confidence as to what they are buying.

Can I benefit from buying moissanite?

To answer the question “Can I benefit from buying moissanite?”. The answer depends on you. A person’s budget and standard to be exact. Many that prefer to buy diamonds, do it due to its retaining value. But the prices is insanely higher than that of a moissanite. At a fraction of the cost of a diamond, you ca buy a decent moissanite size with the looks and the shine that sometimes is better than of a diamond. Therefore, people who are on a budget, and are after a shiny bling, go for buying a moissanite stone.

Therefore, if you are in the market for a shiny stone but is limited in budget, a moissanite stone would be the perfect match for you. And make sure that you buy from the right sources.

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