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Ever wonder how a ring is made? How it is designed? And how it is produced? With the help of technology, it had become easier to design and produce an engagement ring.
Before 3d designing and printing became prominent in the creation and full manufacturing of a ring, it was all done by hand. The carving of designs, the engraving of specific swirls and details all done with the help of hand tools and artistic minds. Designing rings the old way is somewhat have limited the styles and selections of rings. But then as technology advanced, it became easier for manufacturers to produce finer detailed rings and other jewelry products.
Today, the most popular way of producing a custom design ring is to start with a 3d model and then proceed to 3d printing. This process has been a useful tool for making a custom design ring without a sweat.

What is the benefit of a custom design ring?

Since custom design ring has been made easier due to technological advancement, it is beneficial now to order customized ring than to buy from jewelers that have rings taken from stocks.

The number 1 positive aspect of a custom design ring is that it is made according to the customer’s size and specifications. Sometimes it is not enough to just buy a standard design from a retail store. Since the store displayed rings are massed produced, the feeling of having a unique ring is not achievable. Some ladies prefer something unique. Something they won’t see being worn by other women, where one can say that it is solely made for her.

How much does it cost to custom design a ring?

Designers charge from $200 up to $500 depending on how intricate the design is. But still, for a person on a budget, this is quite steep. But if you do your research properly, there are jewelry stores online that customize rings at a very affordable price. Sometimes even FREE! It is important also that the store that will design the ring is an expert and knows what they are doing. A store that has a good reputation and will cater to all your revision needs.

A custom design ring is achievable without the need to pay a very high designing cost. Get your ring from an affordable and reputable jewelry store. You will not regret it.

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