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Going to a movie theater

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Going to a movie theater.


Once upon a time a family would be able to go to a ball game a movie or a concert for relatively an affordable amount of money. These days going to a movie theater for a family for 4 can cost at least $100.00. Each ticket cost around $18.00 and if you multiply that by 4 that is $72.00 and then there is snacks, drinks and parking and before you know it you just spent over $100.00 going to a movie theater. It used to be and when I say use to be I don’t mean 90 years ago I mean 10 years ago that a movie ticket was $5.00. Now just 10 years later a ticket is almost 4 times the price.


The price of movies going up is not comparable to tickets to ball games going up because a sports game there is a justifiable concept because people are willing to pay that price. The way to prove that is there is a huge secondary market for buying and selling tickets and those tickets often times go for a lot more than what the team is selling for. That never happens with a movie. Even new releases that people were excited about for months the tickets won’t see for 5 times the cost price as happens with sports games.


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