How Diamonds Are Graded Based On Clarity

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One of the most important factors when shopping for diamond jewelry is to check the Clarity of the stone. This is one of the four major properties, which determine the value of the diamond, the other three being, the Cut, Color, and Carat.

‘Clarity’ as a feature isn’t hard to understand – it is the measure of how much light the stone lets through, and how clearly you can see the insides. This, reflection of light, depends on the number of impurities and inclusions in the stone. Very rarely do you find diamonds without defects, especially among larger stones.

The current system of diamond Clarity is pretty easy for the common consumer to understand, which is why it has been in use for so many years now, including on the Beverly Diamonds site. However, this wasn’t always the case; there were times when a diamond was simply tagged as ‘clean’, ‘piqué’, or ‘loupe clean’ stone. There were only three grades, and every diamond fell into one.

Experts at Beverly Diamonds say that the current FL-through-I system was brought up by Richard T. Liddicoat of GIA, and was instantly adopted as the system to grade diamonds based on their Clarity. There are eleven Clarity grades today, which can be applied to an examined diamond, and this is universally accepted. No matter what part of the world the stone was mined from, or what language the consumer speaks, this is the accepted standard when buying a diamond.

Besides the clarity grades provided by GIA, the institute also says that a stone can be graded by any trained person, under the right conditions. These include controlled ‘darkfield’ lighting, and a 10X magnification, with correction for distortions in shape and color. As complicated as that might sound, it is quite easy to grasp once you are familiarized with it.

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However, unless you are fully trained, you would not be able to do this sufficiently well. You will need a gemologist to take a look, who knows all the variables involved in deciding the clarity grade of the diamond. If you let them, they will show you why it falls in a certain Clarity level. This property is clearly mentioned at the Beverly Diamonds website.

For a certificate stating this, you can have the stone graded at a gemological laboratory, the way they do at Beverly Diamonds. Choose well-known labs where the entire panel of experts has agreed on the properties of the diamond before declaring these in a report.

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