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According to Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts, pure diamonds have strong diamond florescence. If you are not aware, florescence is the glow emanated from a diamond when exposed to ultraviolet light. More than one of third of all the diamond types are said to have this florescent quality.

What is behind diamond fluorescence?

To know about the scientific aspects of a diamond, it is important to know about diamond fluorescence. Beverly Diamonds reviews give a better explanation about diamond fluorescence. According to the reviews, every pure diamond contains a small quantity of boron in it, which determines or causes the diamond fluorescence. Boron is a natural mineral property traced in pure diamonds.

The price set for a particular type of diamond is partly based on diamond fluorescence. For certain types of diamonds, fluorescence is an inappropriate quality, and thus, reduces its value, as in colorless diamonds. According to Beverly Diamonds reviews, colorless diamonds with higher fluorescent quality are cheaper than the ones with low fluorescence.

Conversely, for yellow diamonds, higher fluorescent quality adds value. According to experts, the milky white appearance of colorless diamonds is because of the presence of fluorescence. However, people who look for colorless diamonds do not appreciate them if they appear milky white.

How to identify diamond fluorescence

One cannot easily figure out the fluorescent quality of a diamond with naked eyes. You need to subject the diamond to ultraviolet lighting in order to identify the fluorescence better. In most of the diamond shops, you can find the ultraviolent lighting facility.

How fluorescence affect colorless diamonds

The presence of fluorescent quality influences the value of colorless diamonds. White diamonds (or colorless diamonds) with the higher fluorescent quality appear cloudy, hazy, or oily. Obviously, no one would appreciate this.

Diamond color scale and florescent quality

Yellow Diamonds
Diamonds With Higher Fluorescence


According to Beverly Diamonds reviews, the value of a diamond is determined by the color scale. As per the color scale, D stands for colorless diamonds, and is the most expensive of all. Z stands for dark yellow diamonds and is the least expensive one.

These are some important facts about diamond fluorescence. Make sure that you check the fluorescent quality of the diamond when you purchase it. If you are buying the diamond from any local showroom, make use of the ultraviolet lighting facility to check the fluorescent quality of the diamond.

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