How To Buy A Princess Cut Diamond

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When choosing a princess cut diamond for the first time, or not too long from it, the different aspects of the stone can be confusing to consider all at once. The four major things you need to be looking at are the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Following is what those metrics mean, and how they affect the look of the diamond.

The Cut

This is considered the most important aspect of a finished and ready diamond. Especially with princess cut diamonds, you need to make sure the cut is of the finest quality you can afford. This contributes heavily to the brilliance of the stone, which is what draws attention to it.

The symmetry of the cut should be impeccable, and so must its final polish. The proportion of the cut should match the ring it is set on. The total depth should be at least sixty two to seventy three percent. Online stores would give you hordes of information about the specific cuts.

The Color

The color of the diamond is another factor to watch. Stones with a better sparkle are more preferred and valuable. They bring elegance and class on your woman’s finger or neck. However, these days’ colored diamonds are catching on in popularity. Before deciding the one, you want to go in for, make sure to check out how high it is rated.

The Clarity

This has to do with the flaws in the diamond, both on the inside and the outside, though the former is takesprecedence. Internal flaws are called inclusions, and a diamond that has these is rated S1. To the naked eye, such stones would still look clean and bright, not to mention cost considerably less than flawless diamonds. Go for this

option to stay inside a tight budget.

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The Carat

The weight of the diamond is called its carat. With the princess cut, you can choose smaller diamonds for the ring, and end up paying much less than on heavier stones.

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