My opinion with Beverly Diamonds Complaints

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My opinion with Beverly Diamonds complaints

Beverly Diamonds is a trustworthy company

As a wedding photographer who worked for numerous wedding in Los Angeles County, I have the privilege to take the photo for many beautiful wedding rings for my clients. As a matter of fact, wedding ring photos is one of the most important photos that I always pay extra attention to. Throughout the years, I have encountered very happy clients that purchased their wedding ring from Beverly Diamonds. They had told me how happy they were when Beverly Diamonds delivered the ring on time and the quality is always exceptional. So is Beverly Diamonds complaints legitimate?


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Beverly Diamonds complaints cannot be trusted

All my clients have told me how satisfied they are with their ring. Based on the Beverly Diamonds complaints I read on some websites, the customers were wearing the ring for many years, and the reason the ring was in such bad condition might be because of their negligence. They might have contacted the company asking for a refund or replace because they just want to have a new ring. Furthermore, the customers were provided accurate return policy of the company, and they have made their purchase knowing that they cannot return the ring if they do not like the design anymore. Also, some Beverly Diamonds reviews were not using appraisal correctly for their wedding ring before filing the complaint. Thus, most of the reviews and complaints I saw from the internet is basically baseless. You should not take their words for it, the best way is to have business with Beverly Diamonds, and you will know if they will exceed your expectation.


I trust Beverly Diamond for my future wedding ring

I have seen the very nice design of my client’s ring, and I always know they purchased it from Beverly Diamond just by looking at the design and the quality of the ring. The wedding ring is something you do not want to buy from an unreliable jewelry store. You can quickly read some excellent reviews about Beverly Diamond service from popular wedding websites like The Wire and The Knot. Aside from great design and authentic diamond, the company also provide free diamond testing service to justify its purity. Not to mention, their pricing can easily beat any other jewelry store you can find in Los Angeles County. With my great experience with Beverly Diamond, I have referred many clients to purchase their ring from the company, and I have never heard a bad encounter from my referral after many years. Surely, I will purchase my future wedding ring at Beverly Diamond as well.

Beverly Diamonds complaints is a scam

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