The Eternal Glow Of Diamonds

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Beverly Diamonds
Types Of Diamonds

There is no doubt that diamonds are the most valued thing on earth. They are in fact, listed as the most precious stones in the world that is used in jewelry making.

No engagement would be meaningful without a diamond engagement ring from Beverly Diamonds. Though whenever we think about diamonds, it is the white stones that we picture, there are quite a few colored diamonds available in the market as well. The colored ones are pink, champagne, yellow, blue, green, red, and the list goes on.

The conception

Diamonds have been around for quite some time. Interestingly, from about all the diamonds available out there, only about 20 percent of them are used as precious stones in making jewelry. The rest is used for industrial purposes.

It takes almost more than five months for a diamond to reach the final stage, when it is ready for a buyer to choose. Diamonds are present deep inside the earth and hence they must be mined out first. From the mine to the stores, diamonds have a long journey. After the extraction, they are sorted, polished, and cut. Then the stones are sent to the laboratories in order to test their eminence. Depending on the superiority, they either end up in a jewelry shop or in an industry.

They are used for industrial purposes because they are super hard. Experts from Beverly Diamonds say that the tools used for cutting a diamond are made from another piece of diamond.

The jewelry grade

Oval Cut Diamonds
Carat Weight Of Diamonds

When it comes to determine the value of diamonds, it depends on the four C’s, says one of the expert reviews at the Beverly Diamonds website. The four C’s are Clarity, Color, Carat weight and Cut.

Shape of the diamonds plays a very important role when it comes to selecting a wedding ring, a pendant or any other diamond studded jewelry. Some of the shapes that are popular in the market include the Princess cut, Round, Oval, Heart, Emerald, and the Marquise cut.

Though Round cut is the most common one, people go head over heels for an Oval cut diamond ring. Actually, people who buy engagement rings from Beverly Diamonds are very particular in purchasing Oval cut diamonds because they appear to be larger than the Round cut stone, though they have the same carat weight and quality. But then too, you will have to check the stone setting and metal for the final price.

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