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When visiting a reputed diamond seller like Beverly Diamonds, you are sure to see a huge collection of different colors and types of diamonds. But if you do not have some knowledge about diamonds, making the choice can become somewhat a tricky task. Most of the less-informed diamond buyers go solely by the color of the stone, but, in truth, color is just one of the four key characteristics that you need to pay attention to.

The rising popularity of champagne coloured stones

Experts at Beverly Diamonds guide you with the necessary information when it comes to selecting the stone. Keep in mind that the diamond’s value is graded based on four basic characteristics – Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. But, obviously, color will be the first thing, most of us notice about the stone.

In recent months, there seems to be a trend towards buying champagne colored diamonds at Beverly Diamonds and other diamond stores across the nation. These are actually light brown diamonds with a slight tint of yellow to it, making them look like a sparkling glass of bubbling champagne. Of course, such a color among natural diamonds is rare, and for this reason, there is a growing demand for such fancy colored diamonds in the market.

You might already know that pure diamond is actually colorless. So, the colors that you see in different diamonds are actually the result of some impurities in the stone. These impurities present in the stone affect how the light is absorbed, dispersed inside the stone, and reflected back. In champagne colored diamonds, the impurity affecting the diamond’s color is because of the Nitrogen elements in it.

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It is the presence of the Nitrogen traces that give the stone its characteristic light brown colour. And depending on the level of these impurities, you get different shades. The champagne color can range from light brown to a more dark shade of brown with a spectrum of shades in between.

So, when shopping for the champagne colored stones at Beverly Diamonds, look at the color rating to see the shade of champagne color you are getting. In most cases, the color might not be marked as ‘Champagne’ at all. Instead, you will see the GIA color grades like Fancy Light Yellow Brown, Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown, and so on.

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