Why Are Diamonds So Special

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There is hardly any doubt that diamonds epitomize a sign of wealth, glamour, and above all, extravagance. Talking of glamour, just observe any red carpet event and you are sure to see celebrities dripping in diamond jewelry. Agreed, they look beautiful and awesome, but have you ever thought why diamonds are so expensive, and what makes them so very special?

The World of Diamonds

If you are not aware, diamonds, the word, originated from a Greek word, Adamas, which means ‘unbreakable’. Formed of carbon, the same stuff that coals are made of, diamonds are extremely beautiful stones found in coalmines and volcanic shafts.

Diamonds are very strong and as the Greek name suggests, they are nearly unbreakable. In fact, only diamonds can break diamonds. Agreed that is the case, but interestingly, it is not their strength that holds the great appeal; the look and sparkle attracts people and lures them to use diamond jewelry.

Now, really, when you think of it, how does a lump of boring carbon turn into something so precious and beautiful? Well, there are certain specific conditions required to form these breathtakingly eye-pleasing diamonds. Only with the correct and most precise combination of temperature and pressure can diamonds be formed. So it is only found in specific areas, making the discovery of it concentrated to specific regions across the globe.

Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds Jewelry

No words can adequately describe how stunning diamonds are. Their impressive optical qualities make them sparkle, shine, and glitter. What is more special is the inner glow these precious gemstones have. Jewelers like Beverly Diamonds know the importance and value of diamonds. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints section assure that they offer high quality diamond jewelry, and at unmatched prices.

As per the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, diamonds are mostly used as precious gemstones in engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, studs, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints section also highlight that they make the very best use of high quality diamonds.

However, due to the advancement in technology, there are now countless diamond shapes available in the market, and buying one can be a difficult task. So if you are planning to buy a diamond jewelry, but are confused with the designs and shapes, consulting with experts at the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell can prove to be worth a shot.

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