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Why to consider Enhanced Diamonds.

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Enhanced diamonds.

Buying a ring with an enhanced diamond can be something confusing. Many local stores will say that buying enhanced diamonds is not a smart thing to do, because the diamond in the purest state. Other will say that enhanced diamonds are they way to go because you get a great price for the size of the diamond. And other sellers will tell their customers that either way is good, and it just depends on what the customer is looking to get. I will write about some of the pros and cons of enhanced diamonds.

First the pros. Buying enhanced diamonds are cheaper. If you want to know about the prices, just log on to Beverlydiamonds.com. They are an online company that specialize in enhance diamonds. There you will be able to see how great the prices could be for enhanced diamonds. For those that don’t want to go to Beverlydiamonds.com and will just take my world for it, enhanced diamonds can be 30-60 percent cheaper than non enhanced diamonds. A second thing to consider is that enhanced diamonds will look very good. That is the reason they are being enhanced to look good.

enhanced diamonds

Now the cons. Some people do not like buying enhanced diamonds because, they do not want to buy an diamond that is altered in any way. They prefer buying a small half carat diamond, than a bigger one carat enhanced diamond. Another reason people do not want to buy an enhanced diamond is because a company like the GIA won’t certify an enhanced diamond, and they want a diamond with a certification. Getting a certification on a diamond is completely understandable, though it does make the diamond a lot more expensive. A company like Bevelydiamonds.com sends out appraisals with their diamonds, that way the customer knows what they are getting, and the customer saves money because no one pays to get the diamond certified.

Personally, as a diamond expert. I would only be comfortable buying an enhanced diamond for a company that guarantees the enhancement. If a company does not offer a life time guarantee on the enhancement, I would stay very far away. That is why, I recommend beverlydiamonds.com. They have beautiful rings and they guarantee their enhanced diamonds for life.

For more information about Beverly Diamonds and their enhanced rings. Log onto Beverlydiamonds.com.

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