Why Weight Shouldn’t Be Confused With Carats

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The carat of a diamond is considered its most important aspect, since it is the most objective and also the most easily understood. Explained simply, this is the weight of the stone in the carat scale, which is what is used to weigh and measure gemstones. As the carat of the stone goes up, so does its size usually. You will see no Beverly Diamonds ripoff report on account of this not being the case.

It is said usually that the size of a stone is not dependent on just its carat weight. Of course a 2-carat stone would be visually bigger than, say, a 1-carat diamond. The two properties are definitely closely linked, but there are times when a lighter stone will actually look bigger. In these instances, the visual size is affected by its millimeter dimensions.

The beauty of any diamond hinges on it how it is cut, with this quality also deciding how big the stone ends up looking. With a well-executed cut, your diamond would not only look brighter and more brilliant, but also bigger if this is done right. In comparison, lesser cut stones of the same carat would look smaller.

What happens when this isn’t the case is that the stone is too deep, and much of the Wright will be distributed around the girdle or other areas of the stone. The size-to-carat ratio would be lower if so. Instead, having the weight distributed in all the right places would allow the gem to look as big as it weighs.

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The cut is such a decisive factor that a well cut 2-carat stone can be made to look larger than a 2.5-carat diamond, which lacks the same quality of shaping. This is one of the reasons why you do not see a Beverly Diamonds ripoff report.

This is why the cut needs to be paid close attention to when considering a purchase. You need to regard the millimeter dimensions as well as the carat weights, because as explained above, heavier stones do not always look bigger. The converse is also true.

You should not pay for caratage that fails to add to the visual size of the diamond. Check out the Beverly Diamonds collection for some of the best cut studded diamonds. You will not find a Beverly Diamonds ripoff report; even the idea is laughable, as past customers would no doubt tell you.

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