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Welcome to Diamond Reviewers, We are the source of jewelry reviews, diamond reviews, engagement ring reviews like no other diamond review websites. We have access to one of the best resource on the internet about diamond rings to help you have a better insight on the jewelry industry. Nowadays, the competition in jewelry market is […]

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Diamond Reviewers aim to provide detail, trustworthy and honest review about the latest trend in the jewelry industry and wedding industry including the engagement ring, wedding sets, wedding vendors and men wedding ring reviews. Check out our brief description of our service provided and if you find us helpful and have helped you to learn […]

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We will give you the testimonials of our past clients that were using our consultant and found what they need. The good testimonials from our clients are what drive us to be a better source of trustworthy diamond review every day. Shopping made easy. Thank you for suggesting a diamond ring in time for our anniversary. […]

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diamond ring shopping

A Buying Guide for the Budget-Conscious Consumer

July 10, 2017 | No Comments

When a man is ready to buy an engagement ring for his special lady, there are a lot of things to consider in making a choice….

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enhanced diamonds

What is Enhanced Diamonds

July 3, 2017 | No Comments

Enhanced diamonds are becoming more and more popular. Aside from the obvious reason for why that is happening such as people do not want to be…

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diamond ring buying guide

How to Find the Best Wedding Ring Design

June 26, 2017 | No Comments

Trаdіtіоnаllу speaking, nоt hаvіng a wеddіng rіng…

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Heat treatment method

Heat treatment – methods for handling stones

June 19, 2017 | No Comments

Many precious stones have been treated (many are called “enhance stone age”) by various methods to improve their color and transparency. Today, some methods are widely…

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beverly diamonds rip off report is not true

Beverly Diamonds Ripoff Report

June 16, 2017 | No Comments

While most online diamond sellers…

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diamond ring proposal

Our Experience in Buying Diamond Wedding Rings

May 30, 2017 | No Comments

Diamonds are one of the most valuable items in the jewelry world and a symbol of eternal love. Therefore, the diamond wedding ring is a trend…

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My opinion with Beverly Diamonds Complaints

May 22, 2017 | No Comments

As a wedding photographer who worked for numerous wedding in Los Angeles County, I have the privilege to take the photo for many beautiful wedding rings…

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photo of a diamond stud

Diamond Stud Earrings, Every Girl’s Choice

May 18, 2017 | No Comments

I believe іt wаѕ Mаrіlуn Mоnrое іn “Gentlemen Prеfеr Blondes” whо ѕаng, “Dіаmоnd ѕtud еаrrіngѕ аrе a gіrl’ѕ bеѕt friend.” Okay, so she sang thаt it…

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Beverly Diamonds Reviews – Diamond Studs

May 15, 2017 | No Comments

Thе Romans wеrе соnnоіѕѕеurѕ оf dіаmоnd stud еаrrіngѕ set wіth рrесіоuѕ ѕtоnеѕ. In thе 18th сеnturу thеѕе ѕtudѕ became more fashionable, аnd thе 19th century witnessed…

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Beverly Diamonds Reviews

Basic Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings

May 15, 2017 | No Comments

Eаrrіngѕ соmе in a variety оf сutѕ оr ѕhареѕ tо fіt оnе’ѕ taste аnd ѕtуlе. Each shape соmеѕ in and out оf thе fаѕhіоn scene with…

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