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We are the source of jewelry reviews, diamond reviews, engagement ring reviews like no other diamond review websites. We have access to one of the best resource on the internet about diamond rings to help you have a better insight on the jewelry industry. Nowadays, the competition in jewelry market is more intense than ever. A lot of people are looking for the best source of diamond, gemstones, engagement ring, wedding ring knowledge and vendor recommendation. We have been in the diamond review service business for years and have seen the changes in the industry more than ever. We are jewelry academic graduated and have found a passion in writing as well.

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Our writers are passionate and jewelry lovers. Aside from working with Diamond Reviewers, they are truly passionate in diamonds and a diamond collector ourselves. In the end, we want nothing more than to have a place that can make your purchase decisions easier. We are located in Los Angeles, CA and often review the jewelry business surround Los Angeles and beyond. You can read our customers testimonial to see how they have purchased the ring of their dream by our reviews and recommendations. Our staff is extremely helpful and can introduce you to a place for purchase your ring for more than half of the market price. Our gallery pages show you some of the most favorite diamond ring designs and jewelry pieces that we have recommended to our customers and they love them so much that has become our regular readers and the source of good word of mouth to their friends and family.

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