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Ring Metals

Ring Metals When buying a diamond engagement ring, one of the struggles people always have is what ring metals to include in their order. For starters, you must know if you are looking for something very durable, or you don’t mind going to a jeweler [Read More]

Why Are Diamonds So Special

Beverly Diamonds There is hardly any doubt that diamonds epitomize a sign of wealth, glamour, and above all, extravagance. Talking of glamour, just observe any red carpet event and you are sure to see celebrities dripping in diamond jewelry. Agreed, they look beautiful and awesome, [Read More]

Diamond Shapes

 Diamond Shapes         When choosing a diamond one must consider so many things including the shape of the stone. The diamond shapes can determine so many things when buying it. The prices will vary for each shape or even cut in the shape. For example, [Read More]

Diamond Grading Opinion

Diamond Grading Opinion   When buying a diamond one should buy with caution and prudence. In general, most diamonds that are purchased tend to be from reliable and safe places. However, there may be a small chance they are not. What should you do to [Read More]
become a professional jeweler

All You Need to Know to Become a Jeweler

Jewelry or gemstones are valuable and important things to people. Jewelers are professionally trained to use precious metals, precious stones, as well as equipment, tools, materials, etc. to create jewelry. Reputable jewelers work for reputable online jewelry company often work in-house along with other jewelers. [Read More]