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by Delaney on Beverly Diamonds
All My Skepticism about Online Buying Gone

I was skeptic about two things: 1) the authenticity of the stone in my ring and 2) the ethicality of the stone. Thankfully, Beverly Diamonds only sources ethical diamonds. They term these diamonds “conflict-free”. At first, I was not sure what that meant. Then, I asked about this to Beverly’s expert. He told me that there was nothing to worry, and that it is just a term used to describe diamonds not mined from war-torn areas. The website is extremely well laid out, plus I found all the different options (return policy, shipping, education) to be intuitive, and where required, well explained. So I would definitely shop at Beverly Diamonds again.

by Cameron on Beverly Diamonds
Another Year, Another Great Wedding Band

I ordered this band to match another wedding ring I bought a couple of years ago for my wife. Everyone at Beverly Diamonds once again lent a helping hand. When I was ordering the ring, I was sure about everything but the metal. I was not sure whether colored gold and white gold would go well. Well, I perhaps am no jewelry expert, but these guys at Beverly Diamonds are. They reminded me and made sure that I bought the right size. It was easier to get everything else right, and order the wrong sized ring, but thanks to them, that did not happen.

by Aubree on Beverly Diamonds
This Ring Is an Absolute Steal

We had bought one from another store before but did not like that ring when it came. We had to return that piece, bear the return cost and all, but we are glad that we made the move. The products at Beverly Diamonds are reasonably priced as compared to other stores and my ring was such a steal deal. The box of my ring was presentable and the piece came with a certificate of authenticity. I am told this diamond is certified by certified gemologists, so I could not have asked for anything more. Thanks to Beverly Diamonds for making our shopping experience wonderful.

by Brooke on Beverly Diamonds
Videos of Diamonds Made Shopping Seamless

The engagement ring selection at Beverly Diamonds is great. The videos on their website are even better, and they swept aside any doubts I had about shopping online. In a way, watching these videos online was better than watching them at a physical store, because there diamonds look all the same. I do not know if that is scientifically correct. Maybe it has to do with the store I went to purchase, but definitely shopping experience at Beverly was wonderful because of the videos. Their diamond consultant is extremely knowledgeable about specific technical matters. Most other consultants would say something generic to make the sale go through. Overall, I am pleased with my order.

by Sean on Beverly Diamonds
Great Prices, Even Better Collection

Beverly Diamonds have an excellent collection of diamond engagement rings, one of the best collections I have come across in recent times. Shopping rings from this website is such a breeze. Browsing through is easy, and with filters and all, selecting our preferred shape and size is even more easy. They have rings made of white gold, platinum and yellow gold. Since I am allergic to gold, I decided to go for platinum. I had a chat about this with Beverly’s consultant and he told me that my best bet is platinum because it is a hypoallergenic metal. I have been wearing this for more than 20 days and have not experienced any allergies so far.

by Aaron on Beverly Diamonds
Great Experience with Beverly Diamonds

My experience with this jeweler has been positive, ordering a wedding band and an engagement ring. Their prices are way below what we find in high street stores. The engagement piece was custom-made by Beverly Diamonds’ designers, and it arrived extremely quickly. I have had to return the wedding ring because I did not get the size right. Initially I wore it for some days before deciding it was too big for my finger, and Beverly Diamonds accepted my return without any quibbles. Beverly Diamonds sent a replacement as per my request and it fitted like a glove on my finger. They returned it for free, and I could not have asked for more from a service point of view

by Zetta Evans on Beverly Diamonds
Good presentation

I had such a decent encounter at Beverly diamonds an evening or two ago that I needed to post a survey review it. I came here disclosing to both Joyce and Terry that my wedding is one year from now and I was searching for a ring to go well with my wedding band. Although they realized that I had no expectation on purchasing my ring that night, they took every effort to help me understand various styles, size and even got my ring cleaned. No I did not buy diamonds from them, but it will be a future buy for my ring and my fiancé ring. They set aside the effort to disclose everything to me. I strongly recommend buying from Beverley diamonds.

by Smary Liyana on Beverly Diamonds
Service Goodness

My life partner proposed to me three years back with the ideal diamond ring. The halo was designed in such a way that there was no hole between the diamond and the inner radiance. We expected to get it adjusted around two years prior, and when it returned the setting had been changed. There was a hole which made me feel miserable when I looked at the ring. After all, I used to have the ideal ring. We wanted to get it adjusted again in the recent months. Joyce made a point to contact Beverly diamonds. We recovered some of the initial beauty it had lost as it was subject to activity. All thanks to Beverly diamonds for such impeccable service.

by Linda Rose on Beverly Diamonds
Shopping Experience

Originating from someone who had no clue what he was doing and was scared about choosing a diamond for the first time, I should state, I was excited with my involvement with Beverly Diamonds. I do not like online help ordinarily, but the woman was useful in directing me to what I was checking at and why I was observing it. They are not pushy like you would expect. After I chose 3 stones, I had the option to go see them at their Manhattan showroom. I learned a lot that I could observe the difference between different jewels. Once more, they did not force me to buy anything and we had a natural discussion with the woman. Overall, it was a great experience shopping at Beverly Diamonds.

by Jerry T on Beverly Diamonds
Affordable Rates

A couple of days back, we stopped at a goldsmith to get the ring sized down. There, I saw a free diamond that was precisely the same cut, clearness, and so on. This was offered at 5k more than what I bought it for. That made me feel amazing as I got the same ring from Beverly diamonds for such a great price. It makes her companions jealous. I could not be more joyful and importantly, she was very happy. I went on to suggest Beverly diamonds to my best friends. They recently purchased from Beverly and seemed extremely very happy. If you are reading this review, I suggest you give Beverly diamonds a try. I am sure you will not regret your decision.

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