A Comparative Study of Moissanite and Diamond by Beverly Diamonds

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Moissanite and a diamond look very similar that many people think that they are the same. There are many people out there who think that there is a gemstone called moissanite. However, the truth is that moissanite and diamonds are two entirely different gemstones. The moissanite has excellent clarity and color that people tend to mistake it for a diamond. There is also the fact that moissanite is much cheaper than diamonds.

Moissanite is neither a diamond nor a diamond imposter. Unlike cubic zirconia, which is a diamond imposter, Moissanite is a unique gemstone in itself. It should also be noted that moissanite is rarely found like the diamonds. In recent years, it can be observed that moissanite is becoming very popular like the diamonds.

The factors, which make moissanite more popular are that they have low costs and high ethical standards. It is the Kimberley Process, which is used to make sure that the diamonds are ethically sourced. However, one cannot be sure about the source of diamonds which existed before the year 2000 because the Kimberley Process began to be used only in 2000 AD. There might be many conflict diamonds that existed before 2000.

On the other hand, moissanite is always conflict-free and is also sourced ethically. Henri Moissan discovered moissanite first in a crater created by a meteorite. Charles and Colvard later recreated the composition of the same mineral in a lab. They are considered as the creators of moissanite, and the source is not any mine but the lab.

One of the major differences that moissanite has from a diamond is that the 4C grading of diamonds does not apply to the moissanite. They usually have a flawless clarity and are colorless. As there is the yellow hue in the diamonds, moissanite may exhibit a slight grey tinge. You need not worry about the inflation at prices of moissanite due to the change in the grades. Since the gemstone is made in the lab, the cut will be ideal for moissanite.

The carat weight of moissanite will affect its price, but not in the same way as of a diamond. It is a gemstone that is ideal for daily use, and hence, it is a good choice to buy moissanite. If you are planning to buy moissanite or a diamond, choose to make your purchase from Beverley diamonds. They are popular for selling high-quality jewelry. You can be assured of the quality of the pieces you buy from Beverly diamonds. This is evident from the opinions shared by the previous customers in their Beverly diamonds reviews.