A Guide to Understand the Table of a Diamond

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Interesting Diamond Facts

It is very important to consider the cut of the diamond while going on purchasing a diamond. There is a common misconception that the cut of a diamond is a reference to its shape. However, it is a reference to its symmetry, proportions, and polish. One must also keep in mind that among the 4C’s, it is the cut of a diamond that determines its appearance greatly.

Table of a Diamond

There are many factors, which affect the cut grade of a diamond. One of these factors is the table of the diamond. The table of a diamond is the reference to the flat surface on the topmost portion of the diamond, which resembles a tabletop.

The table of a diamond has a very crucial role to play in the brilliance of the stone. Since the table is the biggest facet of a diamond, it will refract and reflect light greatly causing the diamond to shine brightly. This does not necessarily mean that every diamond with a large table will have high brilliance. It is here that the table percentage of a diamond is important.

Table Percentage of a Diamond

The ratio of the table’s width to the diamond width is called the table percentage of a diamond. The table percentage that is ideal for each diamond will differ depending on the shape of the diamond. For a round diamond, the ideal table percentage will be between 54 and 59 percentage. For a princess cut diamond, it will be somewhere between 66 and 75 percent. In the case of an emerald cut diamond, it will be between 60 and 72 percentage.

Cut Grade and Table Percentage

The diamonds that are sold by Beverly diamonds and other reputed diamond sellers are graded by the GIA. Such diamonds will have a certificate, which will contain all the details of the diamond grading. Before choosing to buy from a particular seller, make it a point to read the customer reviews, to know if the products are genuine and trustworthy. For Beverly diamonds, there are numerous positive Beverly diamonds reviews given by the customers, which make it a trustworthy diamond seller.

While buying a diamond, you need to take careful notice of the cut grade of the diamond rather than the table percentage. Only if you are choosing between two diamonds with the same cut grade, you need to look into the table percentage. Thus, you will be able to select the better of the two. Make sure that you have a good idea of the table and table percentage when you go for purchasing a diamond.