About Princess Cut Diamonds

sidestone engagement ringPeople’s passion for diamond jewelry is incomparable. There are records showing that men and women admired diamond jewelry since ancient times. Over the years, the shapes and styles of diamonds and diamond jewelry have evolved, and today, we see new models of diamond jewelry being introduced every year.

According to experts, it is the cut of the stone that makes or breaks the value of a diamond. However, it is observed that people’s tastes for a specific cut is relatively high. People in certain cultures may like round stones to sharp stones while others may want the step cut or triangular ones. Nevertheless, no matter what the cut of the stone is, it is always an asset to the buyer.

What is a Princess cut diamond?

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Princess cut diamond is a unique cut of the diamond. What makes it unique is its uncut corners and sharp shape. You can find Princess cut diamonds in multiple shapes like rectangular and square. However, it has to be noted that these types of diamonds come mostly in the square.

The Princess cut diamond was first introduced about 60 years ago. Diamond lovers across the world received the new design wholeheartedly and it has retained its reputation in the market since then. Beverly Diamonds reviews by experts indicate that Israel Itzkowitz first designed a Princess cut diamond jewelry, after years of experiments at his Los Angeles based facility.

According to some Beverly Diamonds reviews, Princess cut diamond is the square version of a perfectly cut round diamond. But some would love to call it a modified version of square-cut diamonds. Whatever be the opinion that people have about this particular variety of diamond, it is popular and expensive.

Princess cut diamonds is mostly used for engagement rings. The reason is simple; its unique shape fits very well with the rings. Besides that, it gives a radiant look to the ring.

Diamonds are available in many other shapes, cuts, and styles. Beverly Diamonds reviews say it aloud that all the popular ones can be explored at Beverly Diamonds online store.