Comparison of Princess Cut and Round Cut Engagement Rings

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Investing in an expensive diamond during wedding time is very common. Most of us research on the most popular and classic ring cuts for our beloved. Finding the right cut, princess or round is a lasting decision. When we consider the sparkle, radiance, beauty, and cost of the ring, it must all add up to our happiness.

Princess cut and Round cut are the two most famous ring cuts for weddings. The round cut is the most convention and classy style for everyone, the princess cut is also catching up to people’s heart. One of the reasons why princess cut is gaining traction is because of the cheaper cost compared to the round cut and also the advantages in the setting.

Round cut, also known as brilliant-cut diamonds are highly popular and extremely versatile. They can easily be a solitaire, in two or three stone ring, or instead paired with other bands. Well, we don’t want to compromise on our love and thus, adding extra stones would only add more sparkle to the lives of our loved ones. Additionally, because of the multi-faceted cut and brilliant sparkle of round cut diamonds, minor flaws are hidden or camouflaged to give a clean look. The shape coincides that of a cone and gives maximized light return through the front end of the diamond.

We could although consider that there is a much larger demand for round cut diamonds. A round diamond is meant to be cut in a way that optimizes light return, increasing the potential brightness of the stone.

Princess cut Diamond – Comparatively being a new trending style, the princess cut is pacing traction. Princess cut is square or rectangular and the front end or side shape is that of an inverted pyramid with four diagonal sides. Princess-Cut Stones are considered more contemporary than the conventional round cut. The popularity is because it has the ability to contain any style setting and engravings with a relatively lesser cost. If you are pondering on the question of whether princess cut diamonds look larger than round cut diamonds, the answer is yes. Because of the size of the diamond on the top (the table) and the fact that the bottom part of the diamond (the pavilion) is comparatively smaller, a 1 carat princess diamond will look bigger than a 1 carat round diamond.