How to Determine the Quality of a Diamond

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When purchasing diamonds, there are several things to consider which are necessary to determine that you are buying a diamond of good quality. The 4C’s of a diamond is very important in determining its quality. This includes the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamond. A genuine diamond will have a certificate coming with it, which will help you to understand these features of the diamond.

Here are some of the significant facts that you need to know which can be crucial in determining the diamond quality.

Cut of the Diamond

The cut of a diamond will determine its appearance largely. The table, pavilion, and crown of the diamond will depend on the way it is cut. The girdle thickness and diamond depth will also be important. The rainbow spark that can be seen in a diamond is because of the light that falls on the diamond facets. If the diamond is well cut, the facets will excellently reflect light, and thus the diamond will look more beautiful. Therefore, make sure that you are buying a well-cut diamond if you want to have a diamond with tremendous sparkle.

Clarity of the Diamond

The clarity grade of a diamond will depict the presence or absence of flaws and blemishes in the stone. Those diamonds, which are without any flaws, when seen under a 10x magnification loupe, is the internally flawless one. Below the grade there are other clarity grades namely, Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS) and Very Slightly Included (VS). Then there are the grades known as Slightly Included (SI) and Included (I).

If the diamond you buy is an included diamond, it means that the stone is a poor quality stone. You will be able to see the blemishes on the stone with your naked eyes. However, such stones will be cheaper than the high clarity graded stones.

Color of the Diamond

Diamonds usually come with a yellow hue that will vary with each diamond. Colorless diamonds are very expensive and are rarely found. If the presence of the yellow hue is more in the diamond, the sparkle of the diamond will comparatively be less. If you are looking for a diamond with excellent sparkle, it will be good to choose one with a less yellow tinge. On the other hand, there are fancy colored diamonds, which are available in colors like pink, red, blue, etc.

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