Our Suggestion for Beautiful Wedding Ring Styles in 2017

Trendy wedding ring

Wedding Ring is an indispensable factor in the wedding day of the couple, helping to mark the life of each person. The beautiful wedding rings below will give you more choices for your wedding day.

Trendy wedding ring

Here are trending wedding ring style in the market:

1. Wedding rings carved with fingerprint

One of the beautiful wedding rings nowadays is the 18K gold wedding ring with a traditional round shape, without a stone or diamond that is refreshed with very impressive details: carved fingerprints. This type of ring will definitely satisfy the fancy couple.

2. White gold wedding ring with double diamond heart

A pair of gold wedding rings engraved two meaningful hearts, with the highlight being two diamonds that will surely satisfy the young couple.

3. White gold wedding ring with black quartz and diamonds

White gold wedding rings are designed modern and sophisticated with black quartz and sophisticated white diamonds. This is definitely the choice for couples who love modern beauty and breaking the path.

4. White diamond wedding rings

Fresh white wedding rings with a simple design but extremely luxurious and delicate. The wedding ring with a highlight is a diamond face with fine lines and stripes running on the ring.

5. White gold wedding ring with stylized branches

Powerful, unique, beautiful wedding ring pattern not only from the form but also in the content. The luxurious white gold material is exquisitely crafted into elaborate details, inspired by the idea of dry branches.

6. White gold wedding rings decorated with diamond crown

White gold wedding rings are designed with a crown, surrounded by bright diamonds that increase the luxury and splendor for the bride.