Beverly Diamonds Reviews

sidestone engagement ringIf you go through reviews of diamond jewelry buyers, you can gain so much knowledge about these precious stones. For instance, read Beverly Diamonds reviews online, and you will come across terms like lab diamonds, the 4C’s, certificate of authenticity, etc. Our customers always have good things to say about the lab-grown diamond pieces in our collection.

Beverly Diamonds is one of the best American retailers that offer lab-made diamond jewelry to consumers. These artificial stones will last forever like their mined counterparts. You will not be able to identify the difference between natural and lab-created diamonds without using a specialized tool used by diamond professionals. Both these types of diamonds not just look identical, but also have identical chemical and optical properties.

How are These Diamonds Made?

It takes millions of years for diamonds to form naturally, by extreme pressure and heat beneath the crust of the earth. However, they can be made more quickly in laboratory conditions, which mimic the heat and pressure of the natural process of diamond formation.

A diamond seed is nurtured in labs with carbon atoms under very high temperatures and pressure. In just a few weeks, the diamond seed grows and attains up to five carats in weight. Technological innovation has sped up this diamond creation process considerably. This has allowed jewelers such as Beverly Diamonds to meet the rigorous demands of customers, with regards to ethicality too.

These diamonds have fully pure carbon atoms, which are arranged in the typical diamond crystal structure. So it is not impossible to tell natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds apart just by looking at both. For this, you should look at the diamond through a loupe. If you do not want to borrow or buy a loupe, take the stone to an expert and have it checked by them. Jewelry professionals will likely have the equipment readily available with them.

Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds after Reading Beverly Diamonds Reviews

As these diamonds are made in labs, they come to the market fast. This automatically means that consumers have many options to choose from. Even those who write Beverly Diamonds reviews are of the opinion that these lab-made products make their purchase easier.

These are some of the benefits of choosing lab-made jewelry pieces, as evidenced by the positive Beverly Diamonds reviews about these diamonds made in laboratories.

Conflict-Free and Eco-Friendly Diamonds

Some diamonds are mined and used to finance armed conflict. Known as conflict diamonds and blood diamonds, these refer to the same diamonds that are mined and traded illegally in war-torn areas. There are agreements and procedures in place to make sure that diamonds are extracted and shipped following certain ethical standards. Those that conform to these standards are known as conflict-free diamonds.

Since these diamonds are made in labs, the question of conflict does not even come into the picture. Therefore, these economical diamonds are more environmental friendly than the mined diamonds. Because these are artificially made rather than extracted from the earth, they have zero impact on the environment. Therefore, these are the stones of choice for eco-warriors.

Unbeatable Price

Artificial diamonds are much more budget-friendly than their natural counterparts, weighing the same and having identical characteristics. On average, they can cost you anywhere between 30% and 40% less money compared to natural diamonds. You will get this price benefit when you purchase lab-made diamond jewelry, too, not just loose diamonds. This means that buying a jewelry piece with lab-made diamond from Beverly will be easy on your wallet.

On top of that, lab-made stones being affordable, you will get better savings by shopping online. E-commerce stores such as Beverly Diamonds do not have to bear the overheads that come with a physical store. This also helps reduce price of our lab-made diamond jewelry.