Diamond Grading Opinion

Diamond Grading Opinion

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When buying a diamond one should buy with caution and prudence. In general, most diamonds that are purchased tend to be from reliable and safe places. However, there may be a small chance they are not. What should you do to ensure they are? Well, we will discuss that in the following article how to spot a good jeweler and get a great diamond grading opinion.


Firstly, you need to research the actual vendor and see where his diamonds come from. Are they conflict-free? Are the imported legally? Are they of good quality?

Furthermore, check the prices of the diamonds on similar websites or other jewelers to make sure you are not getting ripped-off. One can tell just by seeing an average price of the same diamond and its specs. You should note though that no 2 diamonds are the same, however, you can get a ballpark idea of what it should cost you.

Another important aspect of getting a grading opinion would be to make sure the gemologist is certified and that all homeowners insurances accept the appraisal or certificate.

The way to do that would be to call them before purchasing the diamond and asking your insurance if they accept that specific appraisal. You’re in luck and if they say they do because most probably the gemologist you’re dealing with is reputable.

The reason why you can trust that they are reputable if the insurance says they’ll accept the appraisal is because, insurance companies go through lengthy investigations on if the appraiser has actually been educated and is operating his business in good faith or not. They also do not accept anyone to be certified especially the big insurance companies because we all know how “fast” the insurance companies like to pay their claims. So they just take extra caution before approving someone. So chances are if they say Yes! We do accept that appraisal you’re in good hands.

There are many more things which a person can look out for when buying a diamond to see if the diamond grading opinion he might get from jewelers will actually be legitimate or not.

But these 2 things mentioned above are great for starters.

Good luck!