Diamond Shapes

 Diamond Shapes        

When choosing a diamond one must consider so many things including the shape of the stone. The diamond shapes can determine so many things when buying it. The prices will vary for each shape or even cut in the shape. For example, if you chose a diamond with a round shape and a very good cut it can be different in price then a diamond which is round and has excellent cut.

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In many cases, a diamonds shape will also determine the brilliance and fire of a diamond. Even though the clarity and color is something very important on the diamonds faces, the shape of the diamond will constitute to the way the other qualities will play in the diamond’s brilliance. The main thing you want to make sure when buying a diamond is that it should have a decent color, cut and clarity. Even though many people like to get big diamonds, they sometimes give up on many important factors to get that big shape which should not really be compromised.

I had many cases in which people have come to me to ask my opinion about diamond shapes and my preference just because I had so many buying experiences with diamonds and got to meet many people who have educated me in what to look out for. Truthfully I can almost be a jeweler if not for my full-time job as a real estate developer.

I got so many insider secrets in the diamond business as my grandfather was a very famous jeweler in the town I grew up in.

All in all I think it is recommended that any person looking to buy a diamond, to determine firstly what shape he’s looking for and then move on to the other characteristics which are important, because if you go to a jeweler and just ask him what is good, he’ll tell you whatever he thinks and not necessarily what you want.

Many times it isn’t bad to take a jewelers opinion because at the end of the day it his business and expertise so he can guide you, but like all purchases, you have to know what you want to get a good deal.

That being said, I have had so many great experiences buying jewelry because I have educated myself in the industry so when I go to my jeweler he knows that I am someone who knows what he’s doing so it’s a breeze to get what I want.

So remember before buying diamonds, figure out and discuss with your loved one what shape it is that you’re looking for because that is the number one thing to determine before deciding anything else.