Ring Metals

Ring Metals

When buying a diamond engagement ring, one of the struggles people always have is what ring metals to include in their order. For starters, you must know if you are looking for something very durable, or you don’t mind going to a jeweler twice a year. Also when choosing your ring metals, always ensure that is stamped to its correct metal, because many time jewelers can make a mistake on the stamp even though the metal is different.


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Most people chose platinum as their ring metal thinking that it is indestructible, when in fact this is not true. Platinum does have many factors why people chose it, for instance, it is sturdier as well as purer in metal. It also tarnishes less often if at all in contrast to White gold. Furthermore, Platinum is more durable than gold because of its purity and alloys.

In any case, it does not make platinum the best metal to choose from.

Ring metals like 14k white or yellow gold is also a very popular choice. The only real difference in the yellow and white gold is really the plating it has which in essence gives it the white color. We all know that gold’s natural color is yellow and when it is turned into white it has to be plated with a metal called Rhodium, which many times wears off. In order to keep the white gold nice and shiny, it must be taken for a polishing and rhodium plating once to 2x a year.

Yellow gold will not wear off that easily like white gold however it will still need some polishing as it can scratch easily as well.

Other colors such as rose gold have the same qualities as yellow and white gold, justs as it is plated with a different metal to give it the rose gold finish.

Bottomline, when purchasing a ring metal, make sure to identify your needs when it comes to maintenance for your ring so you do not stress later. For example, some people live very far from jewelers so they’ll choose platinum which needs less polishing and less often. Other people do not mind stepping into a jewelers shop 2 times a year to get their rings polished, so taking gold is not a big deal.