Top 10 Countries that Have the Most Diamonds in the World

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Surprisingly, the most country that has the most diamonds is not located in Africa. Read this list below to see the list of countries that produce the most diamonds to the world.

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  1. Brazil

Not only have colorful festivals, coffee or football, Brazil is proud to be number 10 among the nations that find the most diamonds. Although it contributes only 0.5% of global diamonds.


  1. Ghana

The name given to Africa in this list is Ghana, which is well known for its rich natural resources, including oil, natural gas, and minerals. Ghana is also the largest exporter of cocoa in the world and diamonds and gold are the two most profitable cocoa producers in the world.


  1. Namibia

Namibia is famous for the Kalahari desert, whose economy depends mainly on mining, agricultural production, and tourism. The country also contributes 1.3% of world diamond production, worth about $ 0.41 billion.


  1. Angola

Angola’s economy was heavily influenced by the civil war but has recovered rapidly since 2002. Along with the rich, diamonds account for 60% of the African nation’s income. Besides, Angola also owns many other rich natural resources.


  1. Canada

Despite being one of the most developed countries in the world with a diversified commercial economy, Canada is also blessed with large diamond mines. Diamonds bring Canada $ 1.4 billion each year. It is interesting that if it was previously believed that diamonds were only found in tropical countries, Canada proved that it was wrong.


  1. South Africa

This is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world thanks to beautiful landscapes. In addition, diamond mining also brings South Africa a large income each year. The largest diamond in the world is also found in this country.


  1. Australia

The case of Australia is similar to Canada’s, as diamonds contribute to the magnificent development of the country. Kanguru contributes about 13% of global diamond production.


3. Congo


Although contributing 19% of global diamond production, Congo remains one of the poorest countries. The country’s economy depends heavily on mining, but it is also the cause of ongoing internal conflicts.

  1. Botswana


Botswana owns more diamonds than Congo, contributing 20% of the world’s diamonds. The largest diamond mining company here also owns 50% of the state. Accordingly, diamonds account for 40% of Botswana’s annual income.


  1. Russia


Not a country in Africa, but Russia is the country that found the most diamonds. Specifically, Russia contributes 22% of global diamond production. In addition, oil is one of the key economic strengths in the Arctic. That is not to mention a lot of other precious minerals are also found here.