Wedding Vendor Reviews

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Since we have been working with a lot of vendors and people looking for an engagement ring, we are certain that we can recommend you some of the top wedding vendors in the surrounding city. We worked with wedding photographers, videographers, planner, singer, and decorator. Our service will give you a brief introduction on the type of service these vendors offer. Hopefully, you will find the vendors that best fit your need for your future wedding.

Wedding Photographer & Videographer

First, you should know what style of wedding you want, this will help you a lot when looking for hundreds, even thousands of photographer in the wedding industry. You can start looking for a good wedding photographer with the introduction of friends, newspapers, magazines and wedding exhibitions. Most photographers have a website or a personal page to present their results; you can easily reference these photo albums to see the style of photography and the related services, but that’s not the case. that’s all. Searching online for feedback, reviews and information about the photographer you intend to choose will help you know more.

Finding a perfect photographer for a big day is not easy. It must be a really professional and subtle person, enough to leave his or her personal self at home and understand the wedding photography is about the bride and groom, relatives and friends, about their guests. In objectively speaking, the photographer should look at the art, experience, and equipment appropriate to capture each moment and produce quality and meaningful images worthy of you. To keep for life.

Since the wedding photography prices usually go up every year, it is smart to book the wedding photography service once you find the best one that fits your style.

Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner is a team of professionals who are responsible for helping the bride and groom get a perfect wedding without the hassle of searching for different services. The most important service that a wedding planner provides is the idea based on the wishes of the bride and groom and the execution, management and coordination of the whole process to make the idea come true. Your wedding will be carefully prepared from preparation until the wedding ceremony is completed successfully. Starting from the wishes of the bride and groom, the wedding planner and his prestigious partners will prepare every detail so that the wedding will reach perfection.

Wedding Decorator

If you imagine wedding decorator as buying decorative items, arranging them in harmony, adding some fresh flowers or combining with other craft items, it sounds pretty simple and everyone Can do – depending on the aesthetic of each person. However, the actual job requires you to have more expertise. Specifically, if you want to join some top wedding decorator staff, you are required to have proficiency in using graphic design software such as 3D Max, SketchUp, Corel. Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop … to be able to design 3D decorative décor drawings according to customer requirements, especially the ability to produce ideas, design drawings into products in real life.

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